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Учрежден в 2006 г.
Правительством Москвы

Advantages of working with Fund

For small business enterprises:

  1. Possibility of receiving a needed amount of credit without sufficient security for the credit;
  2. Simplicity of getting a guarantee (preliminary appeals to the Fund are not required);
  3. No need to collect documents for getting a guarantee (documents are provided to the Fund by the Bank);
  4. Decisions are made quickly (time of guarantee provision is up to 3 working days);
  5. While making a decision on providing a guarantee, the Fund uses the information received from the Bank;
  6. While providing a guarantee there are no meaningful constraints on sphere of activity, purpose of credit, Crediting period, amount and currency of credit and region of financing of small business enterprise;
  7. Advantages in getting the guarantee of the Fund for organizations employed in sphere of innovations and Production, including construction, architecture, researching, as well as in health, social services, education and crafts;
  8. Flexible approach to the Borrower (taken any security in an amount not less than 30% of the amount of credit (bank guarantee) and interest for their use).

For commercial banks:

  1. Possibility to take part in the program of small business credit assistance, financed by Moscow budget;
  2. Possibility of credit accommodation to a small business enterprise that does not have a necessary credit security;
  3. Possibility to enlarge a customer base by small business enterprises addressing for getting state support directly to the Fund;
  4. Possibility of creation of reserves on a given credit with respect to Fund's guarantee considered as the 2nd quality class provision;
  5. Possibility of guaranteed getting monetary funds from the Fund on account of borrower's (or small business enterprise's) partial fulfillment of his obligations under credit agreement;
  6. Possibility to use Fund's guarantee on different loan products.