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Учрежден в 2006 г.
Правительством Москвы


Banks participating in the Fund Program at the moment:

  1. Joint stock commercial bank — Bank of Moscow (open joint stock company)
  2. Open joint stock company — URALSIB Bank
  3. Alfa-Bank (open joint stock company)
  4. Joint stock commercial bank — Credit-Moscow (open joint stock company)
  5. Commercial Bank — Sudostroitelny Bank (limited liability company)
  6. Joint stock commercial bank — Moscow Industrial Bank (open joint stock company)
  7. Joint stock commercial bank ROSBANK (open joint stock company)
  8. Joint stock commercial bank — MDM — (open joint stock company)
  9. NOMOS Bank (open joint stock company)
  10. Commercial Bank — UNIASTRUM BANK (limited liability company)
  11. Commercial Bank — NEFTYANOY ALLIANCE (open joint stock company)
  12. Joint stock commercial bank — Investment Trade Bank (closed joint-stock company)
  13. Commercial Bank — ROSPROMBANK (limited liability company)
  14. SBERBANK — joint stock commercial Savings Bank of the Russian Federation (open joint stock company)
  15. Commercial Bank ROSENERGOBANK (closed joint-stock company)
  16. Promsvyazbank (open joint stock company)
  17. Bank Vozrozhdeniye (open joint stock company)
  18. Joint stock commercial investment bank Obrazovanie (closed joint-stock company)
  19. Bank Zenit (open joint stock company)
  20. Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "DERZHAVA"
  21. Subsidiary organisation of JSC “Bank CenterCredit” Limited liability Company “Bank BCC-Moscow”
  22. Russian Bank for Small and Medium Enterprises Support (open joint stock company)
  23. Joint Stock Commercial Bank for Charity and Spiritual Development of Fatherland "PERESVET"
  24. Joint Stock Bank "TRANSCAPITALBANK"
  25. Joint-Stock Commercial Roads Bank (RosDorBank)
  26. Joint-Stock Commercial Bank "Greenfield"
  27. Open Joint Stock Company FundServiceBank
  28. Credit Bank of Moscow Joint-Stock Company
  29. Bank VTB 24 (сlosed joint-stock company)
  30. Unicredit Bank Closed Joint-Stock Company
  31. SDM-BANK Joint-Stock Company
  32. Open Joint-Stock Company "MTS Bank"
  33. Commercial Bank Rosavtobank LLC
  34. Limited Company commercial bank "Ogni Moskvy"
  35. Bank "Kuznetsky most" Joint Stock Company
  36. Transportny Commercial Bank (Limited Company)
  37. J&T Bank, zao
  38. Commercial Bank "SOYUZNY" Limited Liability company
  39. Joint Stock Commercial Bank "Lanta-Bank"
  40. Open Joint-Stock Company Bank "Severny Morskoy Put"
  41. Closed Joint-Stock Company "Bank Intesa"
  42. Joint-Stock Commercial Interregional Fuel and Energy Bank Mezhtopenergobank
  43. B&N Bank (Joint-Stock Company)